Get Approved by Google Adsense Fast and Guaranteed

Get Approved by Google Adsense Fast and Guaranteed

Get Approved by Google Adsense 

Fast and Guaranteed

   If you are reading this post on Adsense approval trick then it seems like you already have a blog or planning to start a one.

 I’ll show you today how to get your website approved on Google Adsense in a No time, easily and Guaranteed tricks.
 Now let’s begin and go ahead, first thing that’s most publishers don’t pay attention to is to add a privacy policy page to their website most of you guys will ask me what should I write in this page? the answer is very simple just go to “” and answer a few simple questions about your business and your website’s privacy policy it took generally less than 10 minutes also don’t forget to add an about us , contact us and for a Disclaimer page you can get a one easily here ”“.

 Second thing in the cupboard to Get Approved By Google Adsense Guaranteed is the Constance everybody agreed on the contents is the king it is the first think reviewed by accents when we talk about constants it should be original and not copied copied from other websites in addition to being adherence with Adsense policies.
 after doing this you should apply for Adsense only after having at least 10 to 15 pages on your website so if you have less content you will be declined, even that’s seems so disapointed but sometimes some bloggers succed to get approved just with some few posts on their websites and here it’s google itself who decides.
 Third thing that we should keep in mind befor applying for google adsense is the domain name, Google doesn’t care about free domain such as blog or the .TK or .ml and treat them with less priority because there is thousands of publishers that apply everydayfor Adsense program and most of them are as professional or respected rules, so when you have a paid domain the employers will trust your websites more and more and your request will get more eligibilty and chances to be accepted.
 So for this reason I invite you to look in Namecheap or GoDaddy for a cheap domain name for only one dollar per year, so just zip in Google one dollar coupon GoDaddy or namecheap and you’ll find your ideal deal for sur. 
 Forth thing is to contact Google with a custom email which means that your domain email should be the same as your website, you can search in goole on how to get a custom email for free.
 Fifth thing that you should pay attention to is organic traffic it means that your website is visited from various websites like YouTube, Google, face book and Twitter but if you’re back in traffic from other websites or bots that uses blackhat traffic you will not be accepted on Google Adsense and if you’re reusing it on your accounts it will be disabled and get abnned sooner.
 So if you want to get real good traffic you can search simply for free Adwords or Facebook Coupone on Google this golden tip are very useful and work immediately.

 So for a quick recap usual privet present your request of monetization with a paid domain plus professional email in addition to a privacy policy page about and a contact page also make sure to have at least 10/15 blog posts on your blog and finally get such traffic from trusted sources such as Facebook or AdWords this is it guys.

 I hope this blog was helpfull to you and if you want me to continue providing you with the more tutorials in our weekly basics show me your love and leave a comment i will do it for you asap, support by clicking the like button, subscribe to our newsletter and share this post with your friends.
 if you have any questions or want to request a video just let me know in the comment section down below.

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  1. Hi bro, i have already done all this and i send a request yo Google adsense but they didn’t approve my account. What should i do, could you help please ?

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