How to Product a YouTube Videos like a PRO

How to Product a YouTube Videos like a PRO

     [GUIDE] How to Produce Great Viral Videos Without Writing, Talking, even Recording for FREE!

    A lot of us wants to make a YouTube Channel but unfortunatly we don’t have any equipment for recording good videos and we don’t know how to edit, produce and make killer viral videos by our own. Just for the record, many of us don’t know how to speak English, yet he doesn’t even have a microphone to record his own voice. 

Well guys while I was looking Around for some tips to help making good Youtube channel in order to have a passive income after and have a financial freedom and even quit the 9 to 5 job, I come up with a working method and a step by step tutorial to show you all that’s supper easy to build and grow a YouTube channel starting from zero.
   I know there are a lot of us who are not able to make good videos in English so I think this might help you or at least give you a good idea about how to produce viral videos in English (or any other major languages such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic..)
   I assume you know how to create a Youtube channel, so I will skip this part and explain the method here. First if all, we need these softwares:

  1. Balabolka: It’s a free tool to use Text-to-Speech engines. You can copy paste any text and convert it to MP3. I will give more details.
  2. INOVA Text-to-Speech Voice Engines: This is the best TTS engine, it’s the closest engine to natural human speaking. INOVA has many languages and accents but it is not free, yet you can find on Google anything you want, it is all about searching it in right places. 
  3. you can choose a female speaking, some may find it better than the others, It’s up to you. First you need to install language packages and then you can use it on Balabolka reader.
  4. Audacity: It’s a great free tool to edit sounds, merge speech and background music like a professional, I love this software since it’s really easy to use. 
  5. ProShow Producer: This tool will help to create HD slideshow videos with professional effects and transitions. You can use whatever you want, even standard video editing softwares may fit your needs, but I prefer ProShow because it’s SUPER easy to use and it has professional motion effects for your slideshows.
Okay guys, we got the required tools, great so what to do now?

  As you all know, Youtube is very strict with copyright issues, I have tried many things so I can say that no matter how hard you try with copyright materials, you will eventually fail. You can eventualy make good money in a short time, you must know that your channel will be banned soon or later. So I decided to go for a slow but steady channel. In order to do that, I decided to find good articles in different languages and translate them to English. This is a good idea because now Google Translate is really good at translating most of the European languages to English. These articles are much better than the spun articles, in my opinion. So, what you need to do is, determine a niche, find good non-English articles related to your niche, and translate them to English by using Google Translate. I can not tell what you do so you need to dig up the non-English websites and find interesting articles can be good on videos.

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