Guide to Growing your YouTube Channel 2019

Guide to Growing your YouTube Channel 2019

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2019 

2019 Guide to Growing YouTube Channel and rank it in first page google and YouTube.

We’re gonna tell you the most important things that you need to keep in mind when you you’re starting a YouTube channel. If this is your first time to our blog, and you wanna learn how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuffs, start now by subscribing to our newsletter and stay tooned to all our new hot topics, so you don’t miss anything. 
 Okay, when it comes to knowing your stuff, we should explain explain some very critical things that you need to make sure that you keep in mind if you wanna get results on the YouTube platform.
 Now, one of the biggest thing’s we’ve found, we’ve been on YouTube since 2009, and a lot of people that create content on YouTube think that their content is amazing. And they go and share it with their friends, and their mom and their cat and their grandma, and they’re like, oh, you do so good. Those videos are so great. But, they never look at really how the video’s performing. They’re like trying to figure out, why don’t I have a lot of video views? Well when you go into analytics and you study analytics, you study, hey, where is the audience retention? And people are only watching the first 10 seconds of the video and then it tanks. That’s usually the case that you have bad content. 
  So our first tip is focus in on your content, and look at the analytics occasionally. And when I say occasionally, maybe once or twice a month, where you’re really drilling down, and looking at the analytical data for each specific video, and how you can improve. Now, one of the great things that YouTube just introduced, we can now see click through rates, we can change thumbnails, and getting people engaged with that. And that’s something that we all can learn is trying to see if we can get YouTube to suggest our videos more.
  The first way that they do that is when someone scrolling through the feed, and you grab their attention with that thumbnail, You have a clickable thumbnail, you have a clickable title, So that’s kind of the biggest thing. And we notice too, over the course of being on YouTube for so long, is people think that they know what’s best, and they say, oh these guys don’t even do tags or these guys don’t even have a good description, and they’re getting tons of views and all this other stuff, so I don’t need to do it too. Look, at the end of the day you gotta do best practices of YouTube, And the best place to learn best practices of YouTube is the YouTube creator academy. I mean, they literally have been putting out playbooks year after year, and that was our bible of really understanding what YouTube wants, and giving what YouTube needs to promote out for getting you more views and getting more subscribers. 
 Now in building these channels, and getting over a million subscribers each, really it’s 33 billion video views that we’ve helped generated, That the number one thing that I’ve found that people that we were able to get it is engaging with a specific niche. People are all over the place sometimes with their channel, and not very specific with their content, And the more that you can get hyper localized, and say this is our vertical, and I’m gonna create videos that surround this. 
 And then two, this is a big tip, this is probably the biggest tip that we can give you. Is creating a series of videos that belong together is a big deal. But then finding other creators that you can let them know of what you’re doing, and they’re doing the same type of content too. And you can collaborate on scheduling, hey I’ll do this video this time, you can do this video this time, and it kinda weaves together. And then you’re really growing together. It’s that true sense of collaboration.
  So now this is a pro question, How many videos do we recommend that people put into a series?
  Most people, they wanna do one or two videos, and they think, okay, that’s a great start, but for us, we like to see, how many can I get out of it? Is it two, is it three, is it seven, is it 10? 
  Generally we’ve found four to five videos work the best. However, there are some verticals and niches that ten work really well. You don’t have to put them one back after back after back. It’s just like, no, we can actually put them in a playlist, we can hit the series playlist, and say hey these videos belong together. And generally, this is a power tip.
  Generally when you do that YouTube realizes, oh, this topic is related to these topics in this playlist, and it’s also a series playlist. So guess what’s the next up video? – Right. – The next video in the series playlist.
  So for new content creators, are there any things that they need to be mindful of? In terms of, they’re creating content, right? They’re creating content and they think, hey this is great, I’m putting this out there. Well we’re gonna just be direct and honest and forthright, but go watch the first video you ever put out, and when you put it out, you thought it was awesome, and it was great. But that’s the whole thing is realize always that your video sucks. If you realize that your video sucks, and you’re trying to improve it every single time, you’ll learn true engagement. And what true engagement for YouTube is, is when people really engage with your comments, I’m not talking about comments, likes, shares. I’m talking about rewinding, fast fowarding, pausing, coming back, watching multiple times. 
 It’s a very powerful way that YouTube says, oh, they’re really truly engaging with the content. And the only way you can see that is going in analytics, and seeing, oh, I have a peak here, I have valleys here, maybe I said a certain word that made them jump off. And I see that a lot with our clients. Like, oh, we gotta be very specific of this or that, just so that we can get more engagement.
 So, this is the biggest tip for me. When they’re scrolling through the feed, if they don’t click on your video, they’re never gonna watch the video. It’s all about the thumbnail.  
 if you wanna learn more about growing your channel, making videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff, start now and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for reading, see you next time.

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